Eo Gio, Ky Co – Tranquil like a Love Song

Sitting in a restaurant on the seaside, a melodious voice in the air pulled me out of my phone. That was the love song “Niem Khuc Cuoi” being sung by a man in his forties. Everyone was silent. The second thing I heard was the sound of calm wave pushing to the beach. Far away near the horizon, a speed boat was cutting through the sea and everything remained was like a streak created by sweeping on a painting. I thought that how could I got here in Ky Co which was known as the most pristine beach in central Vietnam.


Ky Co is located in Nhon Ly Commune which is about 22 kilometers from the Quy Nhon center. There are two ways to get there:

1) By speed boat, for a group of tourists:

Head straight to Nhon Ly, the locals offer a kind of tour which gives you a drive to Ky Co beach and an extra isolated island to do snorkeling.

Price: 350,000 VND per pax.

2) By road, for anyone especially solo travelers:

On the route to Nhon Ly, when you see the gate of FLC Quy Nhon Resort and the only way is turning right, 110 meters more on the right is a narrow street under construction (by the time I visited). This path will lead you to a small parking yard where you can buy a ticket for a car going down to Ky Co beach. Of course you can walk down on foot but I would not recommend that because the high-angle slope is going to be a big deal for you when turning back.

Price: 60,000 VND per pax


The red is the mandatory route that you can decide where to go next.
The blue leads you to Eo Gio then you can book a boat tour to Ky Co.
The green takes you to a parking yard where you can buy a car ticket to follow the yellow to land on Ky Co.

Google Maps

The big sand dunes stretching on two sides of the street to Nhon Ly reflect a golden light on the ground and makes you feel you have to stop and walk on them. Some of them “invade” the road and I actually had an accident because of riding on a small dune. I was afraid that I had to pay for the scratches on the bike but thank God the owner didn’t notice when I gave it back (or maybe he knew? : ) )





When you reach Ky Co beach by road, the first thing you see is a big restaurant. Take a break, drink a coke and behold the nature of Ky Co.


The coastline blends with the crystal clear water creates a visually stunning scenery and you will likely swim all day long there.


Sometimes the beach is crowded with tourists because the boats stop there as a part of the tour but no worries; most of the time it’s totally quiet and there seems to be no one. Only you on the beach! It’s yours!




The downside is there is still litter on the beach dropped by some tourists so it would be better if people paid more attention to it. For the second thing, this place has no service for tourists so you have to prepare everything before going there.

All in all, if you like to go swimming and sightseeing, Ky Co is a good choice.

Eo Gio







Quy Nhon city




FLC Safari Quy Nhon






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