Manila – Historic city

Manila is not only a historic but also a busy city. The upper part Intramurous holds a deep fascination for tourists because of ancient structures such as Latino cathedrals and Spanish-style churches.

I came to Manila on a rainy day so a lot of things couldn’t be done as expected. The city itself basically has nothing much to do at all, to say nothing of boring at night. Nevertheless, I found it fun to have a walk around and to hang out with a friend living there and she definitely saved my day. :d

First time I tried Uber to go everywhere in the city and I realized that it was pretty cheap for hopping by it. It’s clearly not as hard to use as I imagine. Enter a destination, choose a pickup point, confirm the price and you’re done.

The funny part was some lady boys formally invited me over for a drink while I was walking through the Red Light District. They looked nice until they voiced. : > Goosebumps!

That’s all. Not much. Good night!











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