When we were young

I can’t sleep.

I’ve been missing the days I was in Thailand so bad. Honestly that could be the best time I’ve been ever through. I hadn’t intended to go there until I was fascinated by an exceptionally beautiful scenery found on Google which looked like my current cover photo. I was feeling that I had to be there to make sure that it was not photoshopped but real! Thanks to the trips I had gone on before, I was very curious and eager to research everything about that destination such as where to go, how to do and what to eat.

In other words, scheduling for a trip is partly about timing that must be loose and tight enough. If it was not loose, you would always stressfully be in hurry. If it wasn’t tight enough, you would have to wait and wait for long sometimes. I actually made a mistake on booking a bus from Bangkok to Chumphon. The flight’s arrival time was midnight and the bus’s departure time was 7 AM. I gave it a nice try to rent a room in Khaosan road which could be considered as Thailand’s Bui Vien street but unfortunately I couldn’t find a vacant room at that time. I asked some houses for a rent and the answers were no because they all were full! Or if they had accepted, the price would have been very unacceptable. Having been exhausted because of over-5-hour flight including check-in time, I was dizzily walking on the street and finally gave up. I decided to sleep on the street of Bangkok near a couple of stairs in front of a shop in some alley around Khaosan road.

Believe me sleeping on the street in another country is one of the most interesting experiences ever in your life. The sound of guitar played by some artists was acoustically flowing in the air. That was maybe the moment I felt like there was nowhere rather peaceful than that. I was getting chilly by a cold breeze and tightly holding my arms and coughing a lot all night long in that December night. The situation reminds me of The Little Match Girl in fact. It’s just that I didn’t want to die like a homeless man on a distant land.

When the sun rose, I woke up and didn’t forget to drop some Thai baht notes on the carpet of the street artists as a thankful saying. I quickly went to a tourist agency to book a bus to Chumphon and waited in a long queue. It took around 6 hours to travel from Bangkok to Chumphon with two stopovers. After getting on the bus, all I wanted is a relaxing seat and having a straight and uninterrupted sleep. At least they had a box containing a lot of blankets smelling good. Again I forgot everything around and quickly fell asleep.

Once I got to Chumphon pier, it took more than two hours and a half to travel to Koh Tao by a ferry. The ferry was full of foreign passengers and running very fast. The waves stroke on the bottom sides of the ferry so hard that it likely tossed the ferry up into the air and consequently made me feel seasick and a little bit scared. If you have ever been in a ferry in the ocean, you would see what I mean.

The moment of floating on the sea brought me back to the scene when Tom Sawyer and his childhood friends had made a raft to travel through the islands to seek a buried treasure. That reminded me of a childhood of imagination, pulled me out of boredom and neatly put me in a garden of excitement.

After a long tiring trip, I finally got to the island with a messy hairstyle. I stayed with two girls and three boys from different countries such as England, Scotland, Netherland and Australia. Living in that environment between all the accents clearly awoke my passion about studying English. I wanted to play a role of storyteller sometimes and tried to make them understand and finally I succeeded. It reminded me of a friend’s saying “If you can catch their conversation, you will reach a new level”. I’m certainly not that good but I took all my effort to adapt myself into that place like a knowledge-greedy apprentice. I believe the best way to study English is living between people those are from the cradle of the language, or you can say, from the people who speak it as the first language.

Indeed, I noticed that my language fluency and reflex improved a lot just after a few days I stayed there. I also concluded that nowhere for you to improve English better than going out and living with native speakers. What I liked most is they had been willing to listen and correct you so well that you somehow imagined they were your enthusiastic tutors.

When I was standing on a rock and beholding the landscape of the islands, I was totally knocked out by the beauty of nature. An impressive sand path connecting three islands to each other creates a breathtaking valley of ecosystem. I was thinking how I had been able to reach here and what my friends were doing at that time.

This afternoon when looking up into the sky, I saw an AirAsia plane flying through the clouds, I was smiling by myself. Not only did I miss those beautiful memories but also I felt content because one more time I left my footprints somewhere in the world.

In my recent dreams I heard every familiar single letters from Adele’s popular song I’ve ever listened.

Let me photograph you in this light
In case this is the last time
That we might be exactly like we were
Before we realized we were sad of getting old
It made us restless
It was just like a movie
It was just like a song
When we were young

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